Coming Soon The Fermentation Lab; 発酵食品と舞台のコラボ!

Coming Soon The Fermentation Lab; 発酵食品と舞台のコラボ!





琴のマスターShoko Hikageさんの演奏、





“The Fermentation Lab: A Tasting And Performance” imagines a new kind of theatrical experience. Once you share a meal with someone, you literally consume the same organisms and forever have something in common.

Our honored guests will be served visual and aural delights created by master performers Shoko Hikage and the sister duo Sharp and Fine. Paired with these are petite culinary delights created by Eri Shimizu of AEDAN Fermented Foods, which serve as the inspiration for each moment, creating a total sensory experience that combines the aesthetics of food and performance.

AEDAN Fermented Foods will also be selling their full bento boxes to be enjoyed after the performance! Reserve yours through our box office for $20!

The Lab will use the opportunity to sit and eat together to create a new understanding of community and shared experience for theatre-goers.

Ticket is available HERE!!

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