Yield: 6 rolls



Rice 3cup

Black rice 3 tablespoon

Sushi vinegar 6~8 tablespoon

Black sesame seed 2 tablespoon

Tamagoyaki 1 each (see recipe here)

Carrot 1 each

Persian Cucumber 2 each

Sagohachi Pickling Sauce* 3~4 tablespoon

dried shiitake mushroom 4~6 each

(or fresh shiitake mushroom: 4~6 each)

pickled ginger 2 tablespoon

grilled shiokoji salmon ½lb

shiso leaves or arugula or mitsuba as needed

Sushi nori 6 sheet

*You can fine Sagohachi Pickling Sauce here!

Or you can use sushi vinegar to pickle vegetables.


  1. Cut carrot and cucumber into 1/8 inch square stick. Pickle with Sagohachi or sushi vinegar.
  2. Cook re-hydrated dried shiitake with dashi, sake, mirin and soy sauce as you like. or sauté fresh shiitake mushroom and season with soy sauce, mirin(or other sweetener) and dashi.
  3. Cook rice and combine with sushi vinegar when the rice is still hot. Add black sesame seed and mix.
  4. See the demo for how to build and roll Ehoumaki!