Fermentation Lab Vol.1

こちらにもお知らせしていたTheatre Yugenの食とパフォーマンスのコラボ舞台は


3幕の舞台はKurashige Sisters率いるSharp&Fineのダンス、Syokoさんの琴、そしてAedanの発酵フードがコラボして繰り広げられました。

The First Fermentation Lab at The Studio Yugen was successfully accomplished! It was a collaboration between dance by Kurashige Sisters and Sharp&Fine, and Koto music by Shoko-san. And of course each performance was start with a bite from Aedan Fermented Foods.

Sharp & Fineのダンサー、Kurashige Sistersと琴奏者のShokoさんと

With Dancers from Sharp&Fine, Megan and Shanon Kurashige, and Shoko-san(played koto)



Before the opening, all dancers and artists enjoyed Amazake and Sagohachi Pickles and wishing the success!


Awesome Koto Playing by Shoko-san


そして嬉しいお知らせです。 Fermentation Lab第2幕が今年の年末、12月30,31日に開催が決定しました!今度はさらにパワーアップして6組のパフォーマンスとお節にインスパイヤされた叡伝の発酵フードが6コース。餅つきも予定しています。今年は発酵ナイトな年越しなんて素敵じゃないでしょうか?



And good news! The Fermentation Lab Vol.2 will be coming on December 30th and 31th. This time, you will see more boosted version of both performance and foods. We plan to have 6 courses of fermented dishes with Aedan Fermented Foods which inspired by Japanese New Year Dishes and 6 performances including Mochi Pounding Performance. Let’s have a fun Fermented New Years Eve together!!

More info coming soon!!